Continuous Conclusion

A Celebration of Annihilation
Written by Alireza Fani

A celebration of death, to which we attach an even greater significance in this land, is always accompanied by a lavish procession. It comes to include rituals and cultural traditions that sometimes verge on superstition. The procession is held so splendidly it is as if the departed are more cherished than the living, as if death precedes life. It is perhaps the price we pay to deny the truth that annihilation bears.
The photographs in this collection visually captivate the audience at first sight. Their lighting, composition, and rich presentation capture our attention and invite us to look at them. A perception and subsequent interpretation of a work is made possible once you set eyes on it, and this doubles the aesthetic value of every single work in the collection. The photographs are reminders of a period in art history. Some, however, do not allude to a specific artwork in a direct way. All share this capacity to take us back to the past. An alien element is conspicuous in the next layer, though; it is an exhausted being in conflict with the vivacity of the whole image that distinguishes the photographs from a mere reproduction. It carries us from the past to the present, calling upon us to contemplate.
One of the advantages of photography is that it can capture time, immortalize an image, and try in vain to deny annihilation. Nevertheless, the creator of this collection of photographs portrays both trivial ends and mortality – which is an inevitable end in itself. She satirizes immortality and bears witness to a magnificent celebration of annihilation.